Legislative Priorities & Updates

The educational policies that impact urban school children are debated, discussed and decided at the Indiana Statehouse.

There are dozens of education bills under consideration each session. IUSA is an active participant, providing input on proposed legislation to local representatives. We also ensure our members are well-informed about how various educational bills impact students in their districts.

Cornerstone Legislative Priorities

IUSA supports maintaining local flexibility over curriculum in order to transform classrooms into 21st-century learning environments that meet the individual needs of students and their communities.

IUSA supports modernizing the complexity index funding formula process to accurately reflect the services required to equitably support students of poverty, high mobility, English language learners, and special education populations.

IUSA supports the same financial transparency reporting requirements to taxpayers for all schools receiving state-provided education funds.

Operational Priorities

IUSA supports targeted funding to address the whole child including COVID-19 student learning loss, pandemic induced learning gaps, and student mental health.

IUSA supports addressing the disparate impact circuit breaker losses have on critical student services like transportation across the state.

IUSA supports the inclusion of district paid benefits to bargaining unit members to determine the 45% target of the Instructional Fund paid to teachers understanding the target percentage will most likely increase.

IUSA supports the extension of the protected taxes waiver so districts can apply circuit breaker tax credits, if eligible, across all funds including Debt Service.

Current Legislative Updates

Read the latest legislative updates from our partner, Bose Public Affairs Group.